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Deadpool stills


- By Laura Thomas

So I took the kids to see Trolls and I mentioned to my son that I used to play with troll dolls when I was younger – his hilarious response was "and they just came out." I had to let him know the movie is a revamp of the same dolls that were popular years before he was born.

The movie begins with a flashback of the Bergens invading the Trolls' village and capturing them for a feast they called Troll Day in Bergens Town. Troll Day is when the normally gloomy Bergens feel a moment of happiness by eating a Troll. Flash forward 20 years later to the same the Trolls village and meet Poppy (played by Anna Kendrick), the happiest Troll ever born and their leader.

Poppy throws the loudest party, which reveals the Trolls' location to a Bergen known as Chef who has been banished from Bergen Town. After some of her friends were captured by Chef, being the leader that she is, Poppy sets out to rescue them and fulfill the Troll motto: "No Troll left behind."

Branch (Justin Timberlake), the overly cautious troll who hates hug time, joins Poppy on her rescue mission. It's quite interesting how this mismatched duo manages to get along long enough to complete the mission.

Once in the town they go into the castle and wander around trying to locate their friends. They found them in a cage in Bridget's (Zooey Deschanel) room. Bridget is Chef's assistant that has low self-esteem and is not treated nicely by Chef. Once in the room, Poppy realizes that Bridget is in love with King Gristle, the Bergen's ruler. Before Poppy and her friends leave, they agree to give Bridget a makeover that lands her on a date with the king, and eventually gets her invited to be his plus-one at Troll Fest.

Since Chef is so determined to regain her position in Bergen's Town she captures the rest of the Trolls to make every Bergen happy at Troll Fest.

I'm going to leave you hanging here. You will have to watch the movie to see how the end plays out.

Trolls is now playing at UP's Cineplex.